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Mother using smart phone while with her baby in a baby carrier

We See You, Student Parents

Alex Rockey recommends eight principles for transforming academic access for them through mobile-friendly courses.

A single pro-Palestinian demonstrator is surrounded by dozens of police officers wearing helmets.

The Hammer

Gregg Gonsalves asks why campus leaders resorted so quickly to calling in the cops.


Nurturing Talent

The value of mentorship in empowering student success.

The AI-Augmented Nonteaching Academic in Higher Ed

Generative AI will bring innovations, efficiencies, creativity and effectiveness to most who work at our colleges and universities in the coming year.

Ladder leading up to a red-and-white bull’s eye

A Primer for Prepping for Tenure Review

Kate Vacek and Letitia Henville offer tips for academics who've just landed their first tenure-track job about how to advance and succeed.

A picture of a balance scale with a sack of money on one side and a pile of textbooks and a graduation mortar board on the other.

Don’t Roll Back Progress on Textbook Affordability

Course material costs have been coming down, but an Education Department proposal puts that progress in jeopardy, Eric Weil and Michael Moore write.

Cover of “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” by David Wallace-Wells

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ and the Adaptable Campus

Climate change and higher education’s built environment.

Back view of student raising his hand to answer a teacher’s question in class while other students look down and don’t have their hands raised.

The Problem With Participation Grades (and How To Solve It)

The benefits are well documented but the practice can be subjective and prone to instructor biases, warns Anna Broadbent.