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Bad-Faith Counteroffers

Black and other minoritized faculty don’t receive equitable ones if they receive them at all, which harms both them and their Institutions, writes Jasmine L. Harris.

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Memo to Faculty: AI Is Not Your Friend

The time to resist is now, Scott Latham writes.

The Power of a Story Arc in Scholarly Writing

Transforming research into riveting narratives.

A picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking into a microphone.

The Roots of Anti-University Rhetoric

Bradford Vivian writes that growing anti-university sentiment can be traced to pro-authoritarian movements abroad.

No, AI Should Not Be a Student’s Co-Pilot

Treating AI as a co-pilot is tempting, but in learning, the bigger temptation is for students to use it as a subcontractor, and that’s not good.

Art in the Age of Screens

Strategies to rekindle love for the arts.

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Strategies for a Successful Semester-Long Sabbatical

It can involve continued university responsibilities and geographical restrictions, writes Christine Tulley, who advises others on how to make the most of one.