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An aerial photograph depicting destroyed buildings and streets following the Israeli military’s ground operation at Jabalia Refugee Camp.

When Language Is a Weapon

Social scientists should resist the distortions of language that are (mis)shaping perceptions of the war in Gaza, Michel DeGraff writes.

Three white steps going up toward the right on a dark wall with bright yellow checkmarks atop each.

A 3-Step Process for Gaining a Tenure-Track Job

Susanna Semerdzhyan, a first-generation college graduate, shares strategies that helped her overcome the obstacles.

The Tragic History of American Communism

Idealism betrayed, dreams shattered, promises broken.

Questions for Featured Academic Innovation Gigs

The questions you need to answer to promote your amazing job opportunity at the intersection of learning, technology and organizational change.

A man on one side and a woman on the other push together an arrow jigsaw pointing upwards as if to join in success

How to Think About Mergers—and When

In an open letter, Paul Katz, Barry Sagraves and Joe Cerreta advise on how presidents can—and immediately should—begin to navigate a changing environment.

The Fraught Role of the Holocaust Museum

Memory in the face of a rising tide of hate, division and global conflict.

A graphic depicting grades ranging from A+ to F, each written in red ink and circled.

Why Grade Complaints Are Misunderstood

Spoiler alert: Students are not solely to blame, Rebekah Peeples writes.


Mastering Side-Door Content: The Key to Videos That Win the Battle for Attention

Design a modern video content strategy that engages prospects and builds brand affinity.