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A ‘Universities on Fire’–Inspired Reading List

A list of books and reviews on climate change and higher education.

Student Activism as a Catalyst for Institutional Reflection

How recent protests are redefining educational priorities, policies and practices.

An Israeli flag waves in the foreground in a photo of Columbia University’s campus.

No Country for Israeli Academics

Atar David writes that he no longer sees a place for himself, or other Israeli scholars, in U.S. academe.

Woman helping a female student with a paper

I’m Chairing My First Dissertation. What Do I Do?

Many faculty members moving into a position that requires guiding doctoral students through the dissertation process have no blueprint, writes Ramon B. Goings.

Higher Education at a Crossroads

Will we allow a college education to become more stratified, transactional, and vocational, or will we push back and create a model that is more developmental and transformational?

Two pro-Palestinian protestors at New York University stand face-to-face with a line of New York Police Department officers.

Police Repression Is the Problem, Not the Solution

Moral bankruptcy and institutional authoritarianism best describe the increasingly violent campus climate for pro-Palestinian student activism, write Charles H.F. Davis III, Jude Paul Dizon, Jessica Hatrick, and Vanessa Miller.

Man in suit sits alone impatiently waiting surrounded by a group of empty chairs

Administrative Hiring and Your Institutional Brand

Treating finalists unprofessionally creates a negative perception not only among them but also a sizeable number of colleagues, warns Richard Utz.

A Time for Leaders, Not Managers

Some positive and negative examples in the real world.