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Crowd of different people at the demonstration. Angry dissatisfied man and woman are protesting with megaphone and placards with banners.

Today’s Students Expect More. Are You Listening?

Students today are more willing to take a stand and advocate for each other than their predecessors, so higher ed leaders can tap into these voices to transform campus life for the better, writes student affairs VP Matt Gregory.

Large dark hand raises man carrying briefcase on its thumb, while he raises a flag in accomplishment

Elevating Staff Voices in Higher Education

Christine Moskell offers lessons she’s learned about how colleges can tap staff members’ expertise and harness their full potential.

The Time for Transfer Change Is Now

A look at how the California Community Colleges–California State University Transfer Collaborative helps students.


AI Reshapes Higher Ed and Society at Large by 2035

There are important steps to be taken in higher education as we prepare for the deep societywide changes that will take place in the next five to 10 years.

A rear view of three college students walking a path across a college campus toward a brick campus building.

A Plan to Save Small Colleges

Small colleges could join forces through a supporting-organization model, Michael Alexander writes.

Distracted Minds

How the digital economy distracts us.

Human hand writing in script while a robot hand types on a laptop

Anatomy of an AI Essay

How might you distinguish one from a human-composed counterpart? After analyzing dozens, Elizabeth Steere lists some key predictable features.