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Exploring Academic Innovation Roles With Nathan Greeno of 2U

Insights from 2U’s SVP of global business development on key questions for academic innovation leaders.

A cutout of a piece of paper with the words "Free Speech" laid atop a sepia-toned copy of the U.S. Constitution.

If We Want Free Speech, We Need to Teach It

Many students lack clarity about free speech principles, Louis E. Newman writes.

Facilitating Transfer Student Success Through Better Measurement

Transfer data offers opportunities to identify progress and find areas for improvements.

The Synthetic Professor

We have reached a point in the development of generative AI that synthetic AI professors are poised to enter academe.

Israeli and Palestinian flags wave on two flagpoles next to one another.

The Unrecognized Antisemitism: The Erasure of Jewish Dissent

University officials are marginalizing the views of Jewish students and faculty who are critical of Israel, Jonathan Graubart writes.

Robot gesture to student writing paper as if teaching them

Do Teachers Fetishize Technology?

Whether or not we believe in techno-progress, we are incentivized to constantly develop pedagogies involving new technologies, writes Adam Szetela.

Shots Heard Round the World

Do assassinations alter the course of history?

Featured Gig: CU Boulder Senior Learning Experience Designer

Continuing a new series on academic innovation opportunities with the Office of Academic Learning and Innovation.