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Illustration showing business employees looking happy with their work.

3 Ways for Colleges to Prepare Students for Meaningful Work

Higher ed institutions must teach students how to find meaning and value in their work and in their lives, writes student success administrator Tim Morenz.

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Imagining a Financial Aid Portal

Jim Jump considers the virtues of a financial aid portal to match students wanting more aid with the colleges that want them.

blue and orange eraser with shavings as if something has been rubbed out, like a letter or two

Ungrading for Hope

Tony Perman shares four key benefits and how, at best, ungrading helps create a classroom community that can take a semester’s journey in tandem.

A drawing of a pile of books, fronted with a gold coin with a dollar sign, and topped with a graduation cap.

Working (and Learning) Hard for the Money

Iris Palmer writes that restructuring work-based learning to expand paid opportunities could help community college students stay in school.

People talking in the lobby at a conference

Conferencing for Career Development

Katie Homar provides advice for making the most of conferences, especially during the early stages of your career or in transition phases.

In this red-toned image, pro-Palestinian protesters stand face-to-face in a confrontation with police at the City College of New York on April 30. In the foreground, a protester holds a keffiyeh to her face as a mask while a male police officer looks on.

Prepare Now for an Election Firestorm

Campus leaders should prepare for a fall term that could make spring look calm by comparison, Matthew Kuchem writes.

The cover of Kathryn Hughes's book "Catland: Louis Wain and the Great Cat Mania," featuring a drawing of the face of a cat.

Wain’s World

Scott McLemee reviews Kathryn Hughes’s biography of Louis Wain, Catland.

The word Accepted followed by an asterisk on a black background

Embracing a Strategic Advantage in Asset Management

Colleges and universities that roll back DEI efforts when it comes to their investments are only hurting themselves, warns Kerin McCauley.