A career in academia comes with a lot of components – some good and some not so good. In this episode, we’re talking about topics that might seem as if they’re on the periphery of the core elements of an academic career, but in fact they’re crucial to your credibility among colleagues and your sense of well-being.

Ray Crossman, president of Adler University in Chicago, shares his experience of being an out president and encourages others to be their true self on the job, warts and all. He also has advice on upskilling through mentors and explains how university mission statements give subtle cues to LGBTQ+ academics on how supported they would feel on campus.

Brian Bloch is a presentation and communication teacher associated with the University of Münster. Here, he gives pointers on voice, body language and English pronunciation. And he gives a conclusive answer to the question of how to pronounce one of London’s most difficult-to-say tube stations.


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