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Providence College has denied student groups permission to have Tom Tancredo, a former member of Congress who is an outspoken proponent of tough enforcement of immigration laws, speak on campus, The Providence Journal reported. A spokeswoman for the college noted that the request came late, and that one of the requests came from a group -- Youth for Western Civilization -- that is not recognized by the college. (The group has started to appear, with some controversy, at campuses this year.) The spokeswoman also said that Tancredo's views conflicted with those of the Roman Catholic Church, with which the college is affiliated. The spokeswoman said that if a request for Tancredo to speak were to come, in a timely way, in the future, the college would try to arrange for multiple perspectives on immigration to be heard at the same time. Tancredo is still headed to Rhode Island, but will speak off campus.

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