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New Scholarship for the 'Average Student'

January 9, 2013

The website College Humor is offering two $5,000 scholarships for average students. "Why is it that there are tons of scholarships for academically excellent students, tons of scholarships for academically challenged students and not a damn thing for the majority of the students in the middle? We don't know, either," says the announcement of the new scholarship. "Did you sign up for 3 clubs but never attend meetings? Is your G.P.A. a 2.1? Would some of your professors have a hard time remembering if you were in their class? If so, enter now! We hope you're not exceptional." While the website features plenty of satire, a spokesman said via e-mail that "this is a real contest."

Applicants must explain why they are average and upload photos or videos that "highlight your averageness."


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