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Tulane University, which late last year acknowledged having submitted inaccurate information about its M.B.A. program to U.S. News & World Report for rankings, has now issued more information about the fabricated data. The university said that "a single business school employee falsified data and submitted it" and that the "individual is no longer at the school." The university also said that it now believes that inaccurate data were submitted for the classes that entered the program from 2007 through 2011, and that U.S. News has been provided with details on the information submitted.

A statement from Michael Bernstein, the provost, said that "I sincerely regret that these events occurred and that one person could so negatively impact how others see us as a place of learning." However, Bernstein said he was "proud" of the way the business school was open about the false data, and the steps it has taken to assure the accuracy of data going forward.

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