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Division I's new Board of Directors will include an athletics director, a faculty athletics representative and a current athlete as voting members, the National Collegiate Athletic Association committee charged with proposing a new governance model said Tuesday. College presidents, who currently make up the entire board, will fill the remaining seats. During a "Division I governance dialogue" at the annual NCAA convention in January, many in the room expressed concern that athletes and others who are in the thick of athletics did not have enough say in governance. The NCAA said it would consider feedback from the dialogue while moving toward a final proposal, which is expected to be put up for a vote at the current Division I Board's August meeting.

The proposed model also breaks down voting power among the new 34-person group called the Council, which will conduct "the day-to-day legislative functions of the division." (The board will be responsible for bigger-picture issues and questions.) The breakdown gives the five major Bowl Championship Series conferences 37 percent of the vote; the next five-biggest conferences get 18.6 percent, and the remaining 22 conferences get 40.7 percent power. The remaining 3.7 percent goes to athletes.