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The University College London’s student union barred a self-described “Nietzsche Club” from holding meetings on campus because of concerns that the group, which advertised discussions of the philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger and Julius Evola and which printed the phrase “Equality is a false God” on its posters, was formed to promote fascism or might have ties to fascist organizations, The Daily Beast reported.  

The motion to ban the group stipulates that the philosophers the Nietzsche Club proposed to study were “on the extreme-right, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, anti-Marxist, anti-worker and have had connections, direct or indirect, with Italian fascism and German Nazism." (The Daily Beast article noted that while Mussolini and Hitler were known to be admirers of Nietzsche, many political scientists argue that links between fascism and Nietzsche result from misreadings of his work. Heidegger was a member of the Nazi Party while Evola wrote the book, Fascism Viewed From the Right.)

A student union official told The Daily Beast that the ban, approved by the student union in March, has been temporarily suspended pending legal review. Members of the Nietzsche Club did not return the publication’s requests for comment.