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Arizona State Professor Pleads Guilty to Resisting Arrest

July 11, 2014

Ersula Ore, an Arizona State University faculty member, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of resisting arrest, but several other charges against her were dropped, The Arizona Republic reported. Ore, a black woman, said that she was stopped and treated harshly by a police officer when she jaywalked, even though others had been doing the same. She and her supporters said that she was a victim of racial profiling. Ore's lawyer said that she was comfortable admitting to resisting arrest, because that was true -- even if the arrest itself was inappropriate.

Arizona Critical Ethnic Studies, one of the groups that has been backing Ore, issued this statement: "What transpired was a tragedy, which no one should have had to endure from simply walking on a street. We continue to believe that this incident should never have happened in the first place, and that it is emblematic of the need for a comprehensive review to ensure that university safety policies protect and remain accountable to the rights and dignity of all members of the community. We urge the public to keep watch and the FBI to thoroughly investigate the incident, as we await ASU’s official response to our call for an audit of their police force and a plan for community accountability."



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