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Students at Boston College combined Christmas caroling with protesting on Friday, presenting written demands and singing about them outside a Board of Trustees meeting. Students want, among other things, one minority student added to the board (currently no students serve on the board). The protesters -- members of Eradicate Boston College Racism -- also want a detailed plan on diversity. The college has not responded to the demands. Video of the caroling is below. Here are the lyrics:

"Walking Through a White Man’s Wonderland"

(Sung to the tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland")

Dear Trustees

Are you listenin’?

A real plan

You are missin’.

Until you agree,

And change we do see,

We’re walkin’ through a white man’s wonderland.


Gone away, is our patience.

Here to stay: demonstrations.

Deans tell us to trust

But we know we must

Keep walkin’ through a white man’s wonderland.


In your meeting you can do some planning,

Decide how you’ll get us to settle down.

If you say, “There’s no problem.”

We’ll say, “No, man?

Try living on this campus

If you’re brown.”


More bad press

You’ll inspire

If reforms, you do mire

In mounds of red tape.

You’ll never escape.

You’re walkin’ through a white man’s wonderland.

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