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Pence, Trump's Reported Veep Choice, and Higher Ed

July 15, 2016

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s reported pick for vice president, although an announcement planned for today has been delayed due to the terrorist attack in Nice and the Trump campaign has not confirmed a final decision. Pence brings government experience (a decade in Congress prior to his single term as governor) and social conservative bona fides to the campaign. But he doesn’t have an especially long record of achievements in higher education.

Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers said both presidential campaigns are talking about issues like college affordability, “so the focus is on higher ed no matter who the candidates are."

Pence doesn’t have an ambitious record on higher ed as governor but Lubbers said he has been committed to workforce development in Indiana and that he would likely speak to that issue as part of the campaign.

"What we talk about in Indiana is filling employer needs and strengthening the economy,” she said. “The governor has been very committed to the relationship between K-12 and higher education, CTE, workforce and higher education. I think he speaks very comfortably about the issues of education and workforce. He will find that to be a place he navigates to naturally."

Pence and Lubbers have also worked together on “You Can. Go Back” program, which aimed to help Indiana residents with some college credit return to school and finish their degrees.



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