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A controversial video led to student protests Tuesday at Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict, men's and women's colleges in Minnesota that are adjacent and that operate together. The video shows some Saint John's students on a campus bus shouting, "Build that wall." The video was posted to Facebook.

The Reverend Doug Mullin, vice president for student development at Saint John’s University, sent a campus email saying in part, "Along with many others in our community, I find this behavior regrettably insensitive to those riding the bus who were offended by that behavior. Understandably, some people who were on the bus or who heard about the incident may even feel their safety was being threatened. The incident is currently under investigation …. It is a tradition and value of our Benedictine campuses that we strive to honor the dignity of all persons -- persons of all races, ethnicities, sexual or gender identities, nationalities, abilities, religious affiliations, economic or social standings, as well as all political persuasions -- by treating them with respect, most especially those with whom we may disagree or whom we do not understand. Chanting highly charged political opinions on a bus fails our community in honoring this value."