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Snapchat Teams With College Newspapers

September 11, 2017

Snapchat is introducing hyperlocal news coverage with help from college and university newspapers.  

The social media app announced on 8 September that it was partnering with four college newspapers to expand its news coverage to a younger audience. UC Berkeley’s The Daily Californian, Texas A&M’s The Battalion, Syracuse’s The Daily Orange, and UW Madison’s The Badger Herald will begin publishing weekly news highlights called Stories on the app. The editorial teams of many more college outlets are reportedly in talks with Snap Inc and could soon follow suit.

Like other traditional media outlets such as The Washington Post and The Economist, college newspapers will be able to include paid Snap Ads in their content to generate revenue. The college newspaper Stories will only be available to students who have their location enabled on the Snapchat app and are on-campus.

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Lindsay McKenzie

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