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A lecturer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology with explicit ties to the alt-right, a radical far-right political movement that embraces white nationalism and racism, has been caught on camera predicting a future of concentration camps, deportations of Muslims, and Adolf Hitler’s face on currency.

“It’s going to end with the expulsion of the majority of migrants, including citizens, who are of Muslim descent, generally speaking. That’s how it’s going to end,” Jason Reza Jorjani, an Iranian-American says in the video. “It’s going to end with concentration camps, and expulsions, and war.”

“We will have a Europe in 2050 where the banknotes have Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great. And Hitler will be seen like that, like Napoleon, like Alexander.”

The video was produced and secretly recorded by a Swedish graduate student for Hope Not Hate, a British anti-racism group, and published in a New York Times opinion piece

Jorjani pushed back against his portrayal in the video, saying it was edited to leave out context. He called his prediction “nightmarish,” and said it wasn’t something he was advocating, but rather a future that would result from “Western policymakers’ failure to address the Muslim migrant crisis in the present,” according to a post on his website.

He left the Alt Right Corporation, where he was a founder, in August. It’s the same company that runs, where white nationalist Richard Spencer is an editor. has reported the New Jersey Institute of Technology is reviewing the situation.

"The statements made by Mr. Jorjani in a video recently published by 'The New York Times' are repugnant and antithetical to our institution's core values. We presently are conducting a review of this matter and will provide additional information as soon as that review is complete,” a statement from the institution read.