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Scientists Call on Trump to Stop Attacks on Science

April 25, 2018

Concerned members of the National Academy of Sciences this month posted a letter calling for a return of science-based policy in the federal government.

The statement said the decision by President Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate accord last year is symptomatic of a larger problem -- the administration's denigration of expertise and harassment of scientists.

"The dismissal of scientific evidence in policy formulation has affected wide areas of the social, biological, environmental and physical sciences. It has been particularly egregious in climate science. A recent instance of this is the intention of the Administration to assemble a 'Red Team/Blue Team' to re-litigate all aspects of climate science. Such an exercise seeks to foster the erroneous impression of deep uncertainty concerning the reality and seriousness of anthropogenically driven climate change," the statement said.

The letter called on the federal government to maintain scientific content on public websites, appoint qualified personnel to positions that require scientific expertise, stop censorship of scientists and reverse the decision on the Paris agreement.

More than 300 scientists from colleges and universities across the country have signed the letter.

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