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George Mason University has received a fleet of 25 robots that can deliver food to students on campus.

Starship Technologies, the company that created the machines, said that they can drop off Blaze Pizza, Starbucks and Dunkin’, among other meals, to students within minutes at $1.99 per delivery.

Most deliveries will take about 15 minutes and the robots can haul about 20 pounds, or the weight of three shopping bags full of food, according to the company. The service works with students’ meal plans.

Students download an app to their cellphones or other mobile devices and then drop a pin on a map where they want their delivery sent. Once the robot arrives, students will be alerted and they can unlock the robot with their app.

The Washington Post reported that the robots rely on artificial intelligence, ultrasonic sensors and nine cameras to navigate the campus grounds.

“We’re excited that our students, faculty and staff get to be at the forefront of this pioneering campus food delivery service,” Mark Kraner, executive director for campus retail operations at George Mason, said in a statement. “This will enhance life for everyone at the university, and that’s something we’re continuously looking to build upon. Our commitment to providing an optimal campus experience is one of the things that distinguishes George Mason University as a place where everyone can thrive.”