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Protest Over Falwells' Anti-Trans Comments

March 7, 2019

About 30 students at Liberty University held a protest Wednesday against recent comments mocking the idea of transgender or nontraditional gender identities made by Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty's president, and his wife, Becki Falwell, The News & Advance reported. Students said they believed it was important to send a message that the comments did not speak for everyone at Liberty. In a televised panel session of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Becki Falwell discussed the couple's new granddaughter, saying, “She’s our granddaughter, and we’re raising her as a girl. We’re not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl.” Jerry Falwell Jr. then added that she had a doll with her at all times, while his sons "always had guns in their hands."


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