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The Washington Post published an article Tuesday on a hiring system from the firm HireVue, which uses artificial intelligence-driven assessments to rank job applicants' hireability based on their facial movements, word choice and speaking voice.

More than 100 employers use the system, including Hilton and Goldman Sachs. And the AI tool has become so common, particularly in finance and hospitality, that universities are training students on how to look and speak for better results, the newspaper reported.

For example, Duke University's economics department features a guide for students about HireVue -- including typical questions from the AI-infused interviews -- on its student resources website.

Emma Rasiel, an economics professor at Duke who advises students who are seeking jobs on Wall Street, told the Post that a growing number of students have been unsettled about their HireVue interviews.

“It’s such a new and untried way of communicating who they are that it adds to their anxiety,” Rasiel said. “We’ve got an anxious generation, and now we’re asking them to talk to a computer screen, answering questions to a camera … with no real guidelines on how to make themselves look better or worse.”

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