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Expenses Probe Prompts Leadership Reshuffle at San Marcos

February 14, 2020

Several senior administrators at California State University San Marcos have left the institution following an investigation into the use of university funds for first-class flights, five-star hotels and fine dining.

The dean of extended learning and the senior director of philanthropy are no longer with the university. The interim provost has resigned from his administrative role and will return to the faculty next fall. The dean of graduate studies is now on administrative leave, according to reporting by the Los Angeles Times.

Ellen Neufeldt, president of Cal State San Marcos, gave a speech last week condemning excessive spending by some senior staff. “I have to openly acknowledge that there have been a few instances that can’t be excused as mere clerical oversight,” she said.

Neufeldt joined Cal State San Marcos in July 2019 and launched an internal audit into university spending shortly after. The results of a larger audit, conducted by the California State University system, are expected to be published this week.

“I need you to know that this is unacceptable, and this is not what we are about,” said Neufeldt. “Moving forward, we are hitting the reset button on our cultural drift.”


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