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The Education Department last month closed an investigation into whether Princeton University discriminates on the basis of race. The investigation -- widely denounced in higher education -- closed without any finding. Its original basis was a Princeton statement that it was committed to investigating and dealing with systemic racism in the United States.

Princeton president Christopher L. Eisgruber announced the closing of the investigation in a state-of-the-university letter.

"The Trump administration’s specious theory was that any institution that recognized the impact of systemic racism thereby confessed to having violated federal anti-discrimination laws," he said. "That was, as I expect even the Trump administration’s lawyers knew, pure baloney. Princeton University is in full compliance with all anti-discrimination laws. We take pride in our university’s energetic commitment to equality and inclusivity. Our initiatives to fight systemic racism are part and parcel of that commitment -- an effort to go above and beyond what the law requires, as all of us must do if we are to realize our aspirations at this university and in this country. Legislators, other colleges and universities, and a multitude of professional organizations came quickly and emphatically to Princeton’s defense. We are grateful for their stalwart support. After its initial letter to us, the Department of Education took no substantial action on its bogus 'investigation' except to close it as the Trump administration left office."