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An ESPN college basketball analyst was accused of doxxing and verbally attacking faculty members on his radio show after they engaged in an argument about athlete compensation on Twitter, according to USA Today.

Dan Dakich, an ESPN announcer who also has a sports talk radio show, took part in a heated Twitter debate with Nathan Kalman-Lamb, a lecturing fellow at Duke University; Johanna Mellis, a history professor at Ursinus College; and Andrew McGregor, a history professor at Dallas College, Mountain View, over whether athletes deserve to be paid more than the financial aid their colleges provide, The Indianapolis Star reported. Dakich argued that scholarships and other benefits provided to athletes are fair compensation and questioned the faculty members’ knowledge of college athletics, the Star reported.

Kalman-Lamb accused Dakich of sexism after he said Mellis, a woman and former college swimmer, was “bitching” about athlete compensation, and on his radio show the following day, Dakich called Kalman-Lamb a “d-bag,” according to the Star. Dakich also made a comment that Mellis “interpreted as an implicit reference to sexual violence,” in response to a tweet by Mellis that the two should “go at it in the pool,” USA Today reported.

On the air, Dakich also spelled out Kalman-Lamb’s name and “repeatedly” referred to his university office hours, which was interpreted “by some as doxxing or inciting his fans to take malicious action” against Kalman-Lamb, USA Today reported. ESPN is now investigating the conduct, the newspaper reported.

Doxxing is publicly identifying or publishing private information about someone as a form of punishment.