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A Struggling College’s Plea for Help: The Key Podcast

October 22, 2021

“Time is growing short.”

That’s how Bloomfield College’s president, Marcheta P. Evans, described the struggling private college’s situation this week in an atypical plea for help. Bloomfield, whose students are overwhelmingly Black, Hispanic and from low-income backgrounds, acknowledged that it won’t make it through the 2022-23 academic year in its current condition, and the college asked for help from potential philanthropists and partner institutions to keep its mission alive.

In this week’s episode of the Key podcast, Evans discusses the New Jersey college’s unexpected approach to an increasingly common plight. She explains why it chose to go public about a situation many institutions hide, and its options for surviving and even thriving. And Barbara Brittingham, president emerita of the New England Commission of Higher Education, provides national context on the Bloomfield situation.

Listen to the episode here, and find out more about The Key here.

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