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The parents of Katie Meyer, a goalkeeper on the Stanford University women’s soccer team who died by suicide in March, are pushing for a new mental health program at the university to help other students who may be struggling, ESPN reported.

Katie’s Save gives students the option of naming a buddy or advocate whom the university would notify by email in the event that the student faces challenging circumstances, including physical injury, mental illness, academic problems, substance abuse or disciplinary issues, which Meyer reportedly faced before ending her life. Meyer’s parents, Gina and Steve Meyer, said their aim is for Katie’s Save to be offered during Stanford’s registration process and implemented at other institutions across the U.S.

The program would be entirely voluntary.

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of box,” Gina Meyer told ESPN. “Everyone has a different story, a different situation, but the more resources, the more safety nets, the more support that we offer these kids, hopefully we can start making some real changes … We feel like had we known, or even her coach, or even if someone had known what was going on, they might have been able to help her through this and give her some extra support.”