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Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth runs summer programs for high school students at universities throughout the country. The Washington Post reported that about 870 of the nearly 2,900 students will not be able to participate this year. In addition, Hopkins notified the students this weekend, as some were traveling to the sites of the program. An email to parents said, “The nationwide labor shortage affecting many industries has created conditions that make it impossible to deliver an experience that rises to the level of quality we expect for our families and programs.”

Virginia Roach, executive director of the center, said in a statement that families were offered full refunds of tuition and travel costs. “I fully recognize that these options do not make up for the disruption this has created for parents who planned their summers around our programming, and the extreme disappointment for students who dedicated themselves to preparing for this opportunity,” she said. “The failure to notify families in a timely manner is wholly unacceptable.”