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Florida’s Stop WOKE Act—which aims to bar the teaching of “divisive concepts”—survived a legal challenge Monday that sought to prevent the controversial law from going into effect tomorrow.

The measure, passed earlier this year, aims to crack down on subjects such as critical race theory, a once-obscure academic concept that is not taught in public K-12 schools yet now looms large as a conservative bogeyman. Florida governor Ron DeSantis has claimed the law protects residents from “discrimination and woke indoctrination.”

A U.S. District Court judge mostly denied a request for a preliminary injunction brought by a group of plaintiffs, stating that they lacked standing, though the judge ordered attorneys for one plaintiff to submit additional legal briefs, according to The plaintiffs deemed to lack legal standing included teachers, a student and a consulting firm. A challenge to the law from Robert Cassanello, a history professor at the University of Central Florida, remains.

A nonprofit organization known as Protect Democracy filed another lawsuit against the legislation earlier this month, according to The Hill. That lawsuit argues that the Stop WOKE Act violates both the First and 14th Amendment rights of Floridians.