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This week we reported on Amy Wax, a tenured law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and her pattern of saying things that offend Black or Latino or Asian or gay people.

Theodore W. Ruger, the Penn law dean, recently wrote to the head of the Faculty Senate, “Although imposing sanctions on a faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania is a ‘rare event,’ Wax’s continuous violations of university standards, the increasingly negative impact her conduct has had on students, faculty, and staff and her flagrant disdain and disregard of university policies and procedures—indeed its core mission—constitutes a major infraction of university standards under the Faculty Handbook. Thus, I respectfully request the formation of a hearing board to conduct a full review of Professor Wax’s conduct, and the severe harms she has caused to our community, and to ultimately impose a major sanction against her.”

Wax didn’t talk to Inside Higher Ed. But she is raising money.

On her GoFundMe page, she wrote, “Penn Law Dean Ruger’s latest steps are part of a longstanding campaign at Penn Law School against me based on my stated positions, opinions, and speech, and despite my stellar performance as an award-winning teacher and academic during my decades-long career as a law professor. Penn’s actions represent an unprecedented and deeply destructive threat to the practice and traditions of free expression on campus and the tenure protections afforded to professors who express unpopular views. They are further evidence of the ‘woke’ takeover of our university system, which seeks to stifle and punish dissent and purge our campuses of any deviation from a narrow set of progressive dogmas. I am committed to fighting Penn’s efforts to banish and punish me. But resisting Penn’s campaign is expensive.”

So far, she has raised more than $72,000.