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Gettysburg Postpones Event Critical of ‘White Cis Men’

November 15, 2022

An event at Gettysburg College promoted as being for people “tired of white cis men” was postponed after prompting widespread criticism, according to The Washington Examiner.

The event, organized by students, was scheduled to take place on Nov. 12 and was to be hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center on campus, the article said.

Fliers headlined “Tired of white cis men?” invited students to “Come paint & write about it” and express their frustrations with white “comfortable in skin” men. The event was offered as part of a senior Peace and Justice project. It was postponed shortly after information about it was shared on social media.

Word of the event spread quickly and went viral on social media. Many critics, including students and alumni, accused the college of “harboring racism,” according to Fox News. College administrators canceled the event.

A spokeswoman at Gettysburg College told the Examiner that the flier was not endorsed by the institution or by the Peace and Justice Studies department. The spokeswoman said “the faculty leaders of Peace and Justice Studies have asked the student to reflect on their objectives and restructure their project accordingly.”

“In any community of our size, there will be a wide range of views,” the statement said. “That creates a productive educational environment, but it also means that there will be occasions where views expressed are controversial or inconsistent with the values of the community. That is inherent in the freedom we give our students to find themselves and express themselves.”

An alumnus of the college told that he believes the event was postponed because “they thought they were going to get away with it” until “it got shared on to an Instagram thing with 2 million people.”

“I hope that they take this as a learning experience and push back on some of this wokeness that you’ve seen, because the primary focus of school should be to educate the next generation and make sure that we have a society that continues to function and think critically,” he said.

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Safia Abdulahi

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