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Alleged Abuse by Harvard Women’s Hockey Coach

January 30, 2023

Katey Stone, for more than 25 years the head coach of the women’s hockey team at Harvard University, has created a “culture of complete fear” and lost 14 recruited players since 2016, including three this season, The Boston Globe reported.

The article describes many incidents with Stone, including her interrupting for “an outburst that witnesses described as degrading and dispiriting, Stone accused the players she had recruited of showing her too little respect and devolving into a collection of skaters ‘with too many chiefs and not enough Indians.’” She had two Native American women on the team.

Stone also is insensitive to mental health issues, the article said. One former team leader said that when her coach learned she was receiving mental health care, she said, “You need to toughen up and not be a burden to your teammates.”

Several players also said she downplayed the significance of concussions.

Stone and Harvard both declined to comment. Stone, in a letter emailed to her current team after being contacted by the Globe about the story, wrote, “This year, I have made it a priority to acknowledge and respond to direct feedback from the women in my program about my coaching style, and make a concerted effort to better support my players’ experiences.”

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