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The tenured professor who was fired after speaking out against Linfield University’s Board of Trustees and president about alleged sexual misconduct and antisemitism has won a court settlement of more than $1 million.

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner sued the Oregon university in July 2021, alleging unlawful whistle-blower retaliation, according to a Monday news release.

“Everyone should be able to work and study without fear of discrimination or harassment, and everyone should be able to report their safety concerns without fear of retaliation,” Pollack-Pelzner said in the release. “I’m grateful for the many students, alumni and colleagues who joined me in demanding change and refused to be silenced when Linfield failed to uphold these essential principles.”

The law firm representing him—Portland-based Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP—provided a settlement agreement showing a $1,037,500 award. It’s signed by Linfield president Miles Davis on the university’s behalf.

Of that total, about $435,100 will go to Pollack-Pelzner’s attorneys, with the rest going to him.

“Ultimately, we hope his case sends a clear message that sexual harassment must not be tolerated on any campus and that institutions that seek to silence whistleblowers will be held to account,” said Dana Sullivan, an attorney for Pollack-Pelzner, in the release.

Linfield doesn’t admit fault in the settlement and didn’t provide an interview Monday.

“The university has made its position clear on the merits of the litigation through filings and submissions to the court,” the university said in an email. “However, defending against litigation, even when confident in the legal outcome, diverts time and energy from the mission of the institution. We felt it preferable to resolve this situation and move on.”

“The university’s insurers recommended the agreement, and the decision is unlikely to have an impact on Linfield’s budget or finances moving forward,” the university said. “Most importantly, this agreement allows Linfield to focus on building and expanding upon its rich educational heritage and creating a welcoming community for all.”

The American Association of University Professors put Linfield on its list of censured administrations after Pollack-Pelzner’s firing.