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Houston Christian University filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the American Association of Christian Counselors and its president, Tim Clinton, alleging fraud, breach of contract and a cover-up of Clinton’s alleged plagiarism, according to the independent news site The Roys Report.

HCU, a private Baptist university, hired Clinton and AACC—a large Christian counseling service—for $5 million in 2016 to help drive enrollment and develop courses for its counseling program. Clinton was also contracted to help launch and promote a mental health center at HCU.

Now the university is seeking $1 million from Clinton and AACC, alleging that the defendants did not deliver on “the expressed scope of the contracts.” HCU claims in the lawsuit that AACC outsourced course development to a third party instead of conducting it itself, and that it delivered only one new student—far short of the 133 that had been promised.

Clinton has been accused of multiple instances of plagiarism, including lifting the work of legendary boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman, which HCU claims was not revealed. Given the importance of academic honesty, HCU argues the plagiarism should have been made clear. The allegations caused HCU to rethink naming a health center after Clinton.

AACC has filed a counterclaim, alleging it “performed all of its obligations under the agreement” and that HCU breached deals with Clinton and AACC, failing to fully compensate both parties.

In addition to his role at AACC, Clinton is also the executive director of the Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health Addiction & Recovery. The Roys Report notes that Clinton joined Liberty in 2021 while under contract for an “exclusive license and services agreement” with HCU.