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Many colleges and universities of all types face an array of challenges and pressures: flattening/declining enrollments, stagnating revenues at a time of continually rising costs, the end of federal recovery funds, employee turnover, escalating doubts about the ROI of going to college, growing accountability to ensure student success and more. In response to those pressures, business as usual will not suffice.

Download this free special report to explore how different types of institutions -- regional open-access public universities, community colleges and small independent colleges -- are responding to those forces, with case studies examining several examples of strategies embraced by each type of college.

Topics Include

  • How two-year institutions are strategically responding to large enrollment drops
  • Actions that regional public universities are taking to handle funding woes
  • Strategies that private nonprofit colleges are utilizing to stand out at a time of constrained resources 


Number of Pages: 31 (7.24 MB PDF)


Date Released: Dec. 21, 2022


About the Author: Hilary Daninhirsch is an award-winning freelance journalist and content writer whose work has appeared in numerous local, regional and national trade publications. She has a special interest in higher education and writes content for several universities in her hometown. Before embarking on a writing career, she practiced law, specializing in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and Federal Black Lung litigation. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

This report was made possible in part by the financial support of Jenzabar.


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