Loan programs

Default Rates Fall Again

4.5% of borrowers in 2003 failed to repay their student loans, down from 5.2% in 2002.

Gulf Coast Aid -- From Student Loans?

Higher education groups pan Senate proposal to use savings from Higher Ed Act to pay for Katrina recovery.

Familiar Sounding Budget Cuts

Republican plan to offset Katrina spending suggests ending federal backing of grad student loans, NEH and AmeriCorps.

'Aiding Students, Buying Students'

In 1643, Harvard University received a gift of 100 pounds to support the education of a student who was "pious" but poor. And so American student aid was born well before the United States.

The Screw Turns in the Senate

Education committee's bill to cut deficit and extend Higher Ed Act would provide extra $2.5 billion to new grant programs.

Finally, a Report on Loan Costs

GAO study, which Republicans hoped would condemn direct lending program, doesn't.

Faint Echoes of 1995

Amid latest steps in this year's complex budget battle, college leaders go on the offensive.

House Plan to Cut Loan Programs Stalls

Republican leaders lack votes, for now, on budget package that would slash $14.3 billion from lenders and students.

Student Aid Raid Continues, Colleges Say

Lobbyists object to Congressional proposal to use Pell Grant surplus for non-college programs.

Too Much Debt, or Not Enough?

Policy makers and researchers debate whether a $20,000 student loan burden is "unmanageable."


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