Loan programs

Democrats Rally for Debt Relief

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Cuts to interest rates on subsidized loans, the new majority says, would be "the first step."

Rancorous House Backs Student Loan Bill

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Lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to cut interest rate in half by 2011, but Republicans and Democrats spar over tactics and history. 

Disputed Accord in Student Loan Case

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Education Department concludes that Nelnet broke law, but settlement lets lender keep $278 million in payments.

More Bad News for Lenders

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Leading senator poised to introduce legislation requiring banks to compete on price for right to offer federal student loans.

Lender/University Entanglements

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U. of Nebraska Foundation's ownership of Nelnet stock at time of 'school as lender' deal raises eyebrows.

MyRichUncle's Under-the-Radar Buy

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The e-mail message last month from the president of Embark, a company whose software colleges use to process online applications from students, promised big changes for its customers. The company's management team, said Adam Park, had, "with the help of outside funding," bought Embark from the Princeton Review, its owner since 2001.

Change of Heart on Lender Oversight

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Education Department proposes toughened enforcement of colleges' relationships with loan providers.

'Deceptive Practices' in Loan Industry

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New York State's attorney general said Thursday that his review of banks and other providers of student loans has uncovered "deceptive practices" -- and warned that it could result in charges of illegal activity under New York law.

How to Trim FAFSA's Fat

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The complexity of the federal financial aid process is among the more obvious, and ostensibly, fixable reasons  cited to explain why low-income students are far less likely to attend college than their peers. So far, despite efforts on multiple fronts, the system has proven to be somewhat intractable.

Taking on Lenders and Colleges

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New York attorney general plans suit against Education Finance Partners, citing "kickbacks" he says were paid to universities.


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