Loan programs

The First Dominoes Fall

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Several colleges reach student loan accords with N.Y.'s attorney general, repaying $3.2 million, as others face legal threat.

Cuomo's Smoking Gun

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On Wednesday, the other shoe dropped in a growing investigation of colleges' ties to the lenders they recommend to their students -- and many experts on the loan programs were stunned by the developments.

Scrutiny and Self-Scrutiny on Loans

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Fallout grows in scandal over college ties to lenders, with new accusations and expanded debates over ethics and priorities.

Loan Scandal Escalates

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Top executives of lender placed on leave; investigations at Johns Hopkins, Widener and Capella; worries about fallout for students.

The Students Weigh In

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Loan scandals are just barely on many students' radar screens -- but say the word "loan," and they care (at least a little bit).

Cuomo Bags a Big One

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As Congress's student loan inquiry expands, Sallie Mae settles with New York attorney general, but is "pleased" with outcome.

Shaking Up Loan Industry

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Education Dept. promises more scrutiny; documents released on federal official; Chicago State president's ties questioned ... and possible sale of Sallie Mae.

Troubles Mount for Student Loan Industry

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As charges escalate, the ultimate hammer -- cuts to U.S. subsidies -- appear in the offing. Sallie Mae reportedly will be sold for $25B.

Selling Sallie Mae

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Deal would put student loan giant into private hands, raising questions in Congress as lender scandal expands.

U.S. Suspends Lender Access to Borrower Database

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Spellings announces move in letter that defends Education Department oversight, drawing Congressional rebuke.


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