Loan programs

Another Lender Relationship Questioned

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Latest twist in student loan inquiry finds N.J. guarantee agency profited from Sallie Mae and Nelnet loans it helped market.

House to Act Fast on Student Loans

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Bipartisan bill would ban lender gifts to colleges and service on advisory boards; U.S. student loan official quits.

Nearly Unanimous Vote, Divergent Views

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House Republicans join Democrats in backing student loan reform bill, but parties disagree on extent of underlying problems.

Higher Ed and 2008

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Presidential candidates start offering specific plans, especially on student loans, and groups seek more attention for education issues.

Budget Deal Raises Odds of Pell Increase

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Congressional Democrats' maneuver clears way for big cuts to lenders and more aid for students.

U.S. Offers Loan Reforms of Its Own

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Joining proposals from Congress and Cuomo, Education Department proposes rules governing lender-college relationships.

Lenders' Labors Lost

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"Thank you for considering signing on to the attached group letter, which encourages Congress to continue making higher education accessible and affordable using the widest range of government- and private-sector loan programs and partnerships," the handwritten letter begins.

A 'Systemic' Scandal

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As the student loan scandal has unfolded in recent months, college financial aid officers and their advocates have repeatedly dismissed the hysteria as a case of a few bad apples in an ethical orchard. But a report released Thursday by Senator Edward M.

Interpreting the Sunshine Act

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Trustees' group says student loan reform bill would bar presidents and board members from bank boards, but others disagree.

Students' Gain, Lenders' Pain

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Looking around the crowded Senate hearing room Wednesday, it was relatively easy, at first glance, to sort out the winners and losers as the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a package of legislation to renew the Higher Education Act.


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