Loan programs

Mr. Cuomo Comes to Washington

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Testifying before House panel, New York attorney general discusses student loan inquiry and lax U.S. oversight.

New Targets in Loan Inquiry

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New York's Cuomo takes aim at college alumni associations and at Nebraska lender largely cleared by its own state's attorney general.

Another Lender Relationship Questioned

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Latest twist in student loan inquiry finds N.J. guarantee agency profited from Sallie Mae and Nelnet loans it helped market.

House to Act Fast on Student Loans

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Bipartisan bill would ban lender gifts to colleges and service on advisory boards; U.S. student loan official quits.

Nearly Unanimous Vote, Divergent Views

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House Republicans join Democrats in backing student loan reform bill, but parties disagree on extent of underlying problems.

Higher Ed and 2008

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Presidential candidates start offering specific plans, especially on student loans, and groups seek more attention for education issues.

Budget Deal Raises Odds of Pell Increase

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Congressional Democrats' maneuver clears way for big cuts to lenders and more aid for students.

U.S. Offers Loan Reforms of Its Own

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Joining proposals from Congress and Cuomo, Education Department proposes rules governing lender-college relationships.

Lenders' Labors Lost

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"Thank you for considering signing on to the attached group letter, which encourages Congress to continue making higher education accessible and affordable using the widest range of government- and private-sector loan programs and partnerships," the handwritten letter begins.

A 'Systemic' Scandal

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As the student loan scandal has unfolded in recent months, college financial aid officers and their advocates have repeatedly dismissed the hysteria as a case of a few bad apples in an ethical orchard. But a report released Thursday by Senator Edward M.


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