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Students' Gain, Lenders' Pain

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Looking around the crowded Senate hearing room Wednesday, it was relatively easy, at first glance, to sort out the winners and losers as the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a package of legislation to renew the Higher Education Act.

Should Student Loans Go to Market?

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As Congress weighs price-based auction, lenders and industry critics debate whether the approach would help or hurt students.

'Redlining' or Reasonable Criterion?

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Like most of the revelations and allegations that have poured out of Andrew M. Cuomo's office in the New York attorney general's investigation into the student loan industry, his latest is provocative and highly charged. Two weeks ago, in a powerfully worded letter to Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), Cuomo accused some providers of private student loans with engaging in the kind of racial discrimination that home mortgage lenders once practiced.

Informing Students About Private Loans

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Few colleges include alternative loans in students' aid packages, but marketing is common, survey by aid officers' group finds.

Bucking the Tide on Private Loans

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Barnard effort suggests colleges may be able to dissuade students from risky, growing and controversial form of borrowing.

Accidentally Into the Loan Wars

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Responding to scandal, U. of North Carolina tells all campuses to list at least 3 lenders. That's unfair to colleges in direct lending, advocates say.

Senators Side With Students

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With backers of budget bill framing choice starkly, lawmakers reject measure that would have softened cuts to loan providers.

Sallie Mae Directors to Profit Handsomely

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Board members, some with strong ties to higher ed, will share $370 million in profit in sale of student loan behemoth.

Embrace Student Loan Reforms, Spellings Urges

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Education secretary, portraying department as acting aggressively, says colleges and lenders should adopt principles and not wait for new rules or laws.

Advice for the Education Department

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Scores of colleges, lenders and others comment on proposals to change U.S. rules governing student loan programs and college-lender relationships.


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