Loan programs

Advice for the Education Department

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Scores of colleges, lenders and others comment on proposals to change U.S. rules governing student loan programs and college-lender relationships.

College Board Ends Loan Activities

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New state law and pending federal rules would have barred the organization from being a lender while also reimbursing college officials who attend its meetings.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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Senate student loan report is short on new charges, but fleshes out evidence that colleges often solicited benefits they got from lenders.

Student Loan Default Rates Recover

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After 1-year rise, proportion of 2005 borrowers who defaulted on loans in first year of repayment falls to 4.6 percent, a near-record low.

Ending an Experiment

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Education Department decision to kill off program aimed at reducing loan defaults troubles guarantors, lawmakers and even advocates for students.

'Consumer Reports' for Student Loans

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"Preferred lender lists" have almost become synonymous with "scandal" in some people's minds, at least since New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo began his investigation earlier this year into whether colleges and universities let undisclosed relationships with the student loan industry affect how they chose the lenders to which they steered students.

Fallout Over Student Loan Benefits Hits Illinois

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State agency's plan to save borrowers money by paying half of default fee and requiring lenders to pick up the rest is quashed by U.S. Education Department.

Audit Finds U.S. Overpayments to Lender

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Pa. student loan provider received at least $33 million through now-revoked loophole in federal law, and government is urged to recoup funds.

A More Meaningful Default Rate

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Congress's proposed change in how student loan defaults are measured would raise rates and most likely toughen scrutiny of for-profit colleges.

The Cheaper Student Loan Program?

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Lenders say federal budget numbers now show that the guaranteed loan program costs the government less than direct lending. Should that change the equation?


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