Survey: Board members think college is too expensive, but not at their institutions

Trustees' group's survey finds that board members think the price of college is too high – just not at their own institutions.

AAUP recommends against confidentiality agreements in shared governance

In first statement on confidentiality and academic governance, AAUP recommends against blanket bans on faculty members sharing information.

Report urges trustees to get more (positively) involved in athletics

Governing boards should be more involved in athletics oversight, for financial, ethical and academic reasons, a new report argues.

Report shows where faculty trustees have and lack influence

Survey of faculty trustees finds that they have influence on some issues, but that role is limited because of shorter terms than those of other trustees, and committee assignments.

National University faculty say administration is cutting them out of governance

Faculty members at National U., none of whom have tenure, say the institution is dealing with its challenges by shutting down shared governance and ignoring their role.

Questions about U.Va.'s COO Strine show complicated loyalties of administrators

Questions about loyalty of one of U.Va.'s executive vice presidents highlight the awkward position of top business-side administrators, who are often divided between the president and board.

Hogan's rocky tenure at Connecticut hinted at potential problems at Illinois

U. of Illinois president's departure does not shock critics, who wonder why the university picked him after a rocky presidency at the U. of Connecticut.

Indefinite terms for Clemson trustees raise policy, legal questions

Majority of Clemson trustees serve indefinite terms and do not answer to lawmakers -- uncommon independence for a state institution. Some question whether the structure is good policy.

Connecticut merges community colleges and four-year system

Connecticut is merging higher education systems to save money and improve degree production. The still-forming board is working to convince community colleges they won't get lost in the shuffle.

Foundation calls for statewide community college board in Massachusetts

An influential foundation says Massachusetts' community colleges need to do better on workforce development, and calls for more direct oversight by the state.


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