Legal issues

U.S. Examines Football Bowl System

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Government offers first confirmation it is looking into controversial method of determining a national champion in big-time sport.

Don't Mention Virginia Tech

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A computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, feeling isolated and alienated in a department where he was a poor fit, referred to the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech in a conversation with colleagues who already found him hostile.

A senior history major at Aurora University, in a dispute with a professor teaching a required course, allegedly made a threatening comment that included a reference to both the Virginia Tech shootings and those in 2008 at Northern Illinois University.

Laboratory for Legal Scholarship

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A new law journal is actually a collection of would-be journals -- incubating experiments in nontraditional topics and formats in search of a market.

Full Court Press

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In latest chapter of a copyright battle, academic publishers outline strict standards for how much text they think professors can put on e-reserve before paying.

Could Pirates Be Your Friends?

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At university press meeting, some see advantage to having their works copied without permission.

Experts consider Peace College plan to offer separate sections by gender

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Peace College's plans raise legal question of whether colleges can have separate sections for male and female students.

Borrowed Gravitas

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UNC-Chapel Hill case raises questions about when it is O.K. for professors to use their university e-mail accounts for personal purposes.


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