Legal issues

Less Immunity for Public Colleges?

A federal appeals court ruling could make state institutions more vulnerable to lawsuits by disabled students.

Federal Art Critics

Columbia College Chicago had some unexpected guests at a gallery opening: Secret Service agents.

Novel Approach to Town

Yale agrees to pay New Haven $250 per student and staff member toward the provision of city services.

Court to Rule on Delinquent Debt

Can the U.S. go after a student loan defaulter's Social Security benefits? The justices will decide.

Church, State and the Academic Pork Barrel

A lawsuit challenges federal grants to an Alaska Bible college that primarily serves Native Americans.

Headed for the High Court

Supreme Court will decide long-running dispute over campus access for military recruiters.

Confederates Defeat Vanderbilt

Appeals court says university must pay -- if it wants to change controversial name of a dormitory.

Freer Speech at Dartmouth?

Amid a controversial trustee election, the college clarifies its rules and wins praise from one-time critics.

'The Phantom Professor'

No one at Southern Methodist University knew -- for sure -- who The Phantom Professor was. The professor's blog, like those of many untenured academics, was anonymous and the university was never named.

Cloaked in Cyberspace

St. Lawrence University seeks to unmask the authors of a controversial blog.


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