Positive Financial Assessment of Private Colleges

Citing endowment returns and strong student demand, Standard & Poor's reports continued strength in college and university bond ratings.

New Watchdog for Donors

New center plans to link philanthropists with colleges that share their vision, but some fund raisers aren't certain about the need for more scrutiny.

The Changing Community College President

At Virginia's Lord Fairfax Community College -- and 2-year colleges all over -- a newfound focus on alumni affairs and fund raising is changing the job description.

Aiming Higher

Boston U. plans to spend $1.8 billion to raise its stature among research universities. The money will help, but will the university advance only if its competitors stand still?

'Fundamentally Inconsistent' With University Values

Organizers of the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund hoped to turn their new program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign into a Hoover Institution of the Midwest, a model for getting more free market ideals and ideological diversity into major research universities.

Are Museums Academic Units?

U. of Oregon faculty oppose the transfer of authority over art museum from the provost to the advancement office -- raising questions about a university museum's mission.

Giving Thought to Donor Intent

Panelists discuss high-profile cases of philanthropists feeling spurned by colleges, but some say that's far from the norm in higher ed giving.

Donations Are Up, But Not From Alumni

For second year in a row, rate of giving to colleges by their graduates drops. Is this cause for concern?

Buying a Spot on the Syllabus

Some Marshall U. professors object to gift that requires course with Atlas Shrugged, saying link violates academic freedom. Professor who will teach class says critics just don't like Ayn Rand.

The Nontraditional President

A general resigns, an oil man has his first day and a lobbyist now works on behalf of the university he leads -- three college presidents who took the path less taken.


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