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With Friends Like These ...

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The House investigation of Rep. Charles Rangel has focused in part on whether the congressman broke ethics rules while raising funds for a public service center at the City College of New York, but the panel’s recent report also suggests college officials were working hand-in-glove with Rangel as he solicited money from companies known to have business interests before a committee he chaired.

Deanship 2.0

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A long-established position within academe now requires amorphous blend of fund-raising prowess, big picture thinking, budget savvy and entrepreneurship.

Times Change in Higher Ed Coverage

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New York Times now treats research universities as news commentators, not news makers, say Illinois researchers.

Legacy of Bias

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New book says elite colleges -- public and private -- have continued alumni admissions preferences even though they favor the wealthy and white -- and the favoritism isn’t needed for donations.

Solution for Slumping State Support

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Maine's community college system creates a statewide foundation to garner private donations; it has already raised more than $6 million.

Not So Full Recovery

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Contributions to colleges increased by 0.5% in 2010, a negligible gain but much better than 2009's 12% drop. Alumni participation rate continued to fall.

Donor Intent vs. Current Realities

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Louisiana Supreme Court rejects challenge to Tulane's merger of arts and sciences college with former women's college, ending long legal dispute watched by many fund-raisers.

Thank You for the Scholarship

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At some colleges, students must write a note to the donor before getting their funds released.

Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

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Dartmouth angers some professors by redirecting a larger chunk of returns on endowed funds to administrative costs.

'All-Campus' Approach to Black College Fund Raising

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ARLINGTON, VA. -- She still hasn’t forgotten.

When Marybeth Gasman -- a scholar of historically black colleges -- wanted, with her husband, to endow a scholarship at one such institution, she called. She didn’t hear back.

So she called again. And the outcome – or lack thereof – suggested a problem. “Nobody ever called me back!” she said. “Nobody ever called me back!”

Gasman, an associate professor of education at the University of Pennsylvania, remains aghast. “And let me tell you, that institution is looking for money like crazy right now,” she said.


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