Development/fund raising

Silver Spoon Admissions

Smart Title: 
Naming names (not to mention GPA's and SAT scores), new book takes on preferences for the rich and famous -- and alumni children.

Institutional Leadership 101

Smart Title: 
Trustees' association releases report that outlines best practices for college presidents and trustees.

Endowment Envy

Smart Title: 
In last 2 weeks, 4 universities announced campaigns to raise at least $3 billion each. Those institutions will gain. Will higher education?

If They Build It ...

Smart Title: 
Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.

Can a Start-Up College Revive a City?

Smart Title: 
In Harrisburg, Pa., public funds help a private college attract minority students to science fields.

Frayed Relationships

Smart Title: 
A new book says foundations and educational institutions don't always see each other in the best light -- but both sides want better cooperation.

Fund Raising First and Foremost

Smart Title: 
Board ousts president who revived St. Andrews Presbyterian College, favoring chief who focuses even more on development.

Ethics Rules and Corporate Gifts

Smart Title: 
Public institutions feel a pinch as the state of Connecticut tightens regulations governing donations by companies.

The Rich on the Rise in Endowments

Smart Title: 
Endowments continue steady growth, especially at wealthy universities that have the means to invest in hedge funds.

Corporate Research Support Rebounds

Smart Title: 
After a three-year decline, industry backing for academic science and engineering fields reaches all-time high of $2.3 billion.


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