Obama seeks to boost higher education spending and proposes some loan reforms that have bipartisan appeal

Budget details president's signature higher ed proposals -- free community college, Pell bonuses for colleges and expanded tax credits -- and some student aid reforms with bipartisan appeal. 

Congressional deal on spending would modestly boost student aid and research, restore 'ability-to-benefit' program

Compromise would modestly fund student aid programs and scientific research. It would also restore the “ability to benefit” program. 

Obama's 2015 budget would keep most education and research programs flat

President Obama's 2015 budget request would keep most student aid and research programs level-funded, and includes several ambitious new higher education proposals -- but is probably dead on arrival.

Government shutdown curbs academic research at many levels

Research nationwide was interrupted Wednesday as the federal government shutdown continued for a second day.


Higher education braces for a government shutdown and more fiscal fights

Higher education likely to feel only mild effects from possible government shutdown next week, but advocates for colleges are bracing for larger funding battles.

Two-year colleges serve more disadvantaged students with less money

Community colleges struggle to serve a growing share of disadvantaged students, report finds, while public funding skews toward four-year institutions.

Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

Senate votes to ban federal funding for most political science research and to restore tuition assistance to active-duty service members.

Budgets proposed for rest of 2013 and 2014 fiscal years

As the Senate considers a resolution to fund the federal government through the rest of the fiscal year, House Republicans propose a budget for upcoming years that would cap the Pell Grant -- a change many see as a net loss.

Effects of sequestration are already felt at colleges and universities

Mandatory budget cuts are scheduled to take effect March 1. This time, colleges fear it might actually happen, but have little idea how the cuts would be applied.

Washington pushes protections for veterans

Protections for veterans lead the way in Washington's higher education accountability push, as veterans' groups and college lobbyists, while sometimes at odds, look for common ground.


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