Plenty of Pork

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As White House defends itself against cries of hypocrisy, colleges prepare to benefit from hundreds of millions in earmarked projects from lawmakers.

Funding Science, Smartly

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As House appropriators examine boom in federal research money and foresee more, they weigh priorities and techniques for avoiding mistakes of the past.

Big Savings From Loan Proposal

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Congressional Budget Office projects eliminating guaranteed loan program will save $94 billion, double the White House estimate.

Cautious Backing for Obama Plan

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Most higher ed associations sign letter urging Congress to ensure Pell Grant funding, despite reservations about eliminating guaranteed loan program.

Competing Completion Initiatives

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Educators lobby Congress to approve President’s $2.5 billion College Access and Completion Fund, as they compare and contrast varying state efforts that would benefit from federal dollars.

No Community College Left Behind

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Think tank calls for government to double its financial commitment to two-year institutions and ensure they receive just as much money to stimulate innovation as four-year institutions.

Budget Cut or Logical Inevitability?

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Minority serving colleges jeer Obama administration's plan to let temporary funding lapse, calling it "missed opportunity." But isn't "one time" money supposed to end?

Yellow Light on Student Loan Reform

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Congress's compromise budget resolution clears way for White House plan to push restructuring of student financial aid -- but signals lawmakers' skepticism of ending role for private and state lenders.

Help Wanted for New Graduates

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New coalition will focus on the economic plight of those finishing college during the recession.

Help From the House

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Largest of Democrat-sponsored spending bills, reflecting favoring of social programs seen as shortchanged during Bush years, would lift funds for NIH, Pell and AmeriCorps.


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