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Family Dinners, on Campus

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Southern Vermont's experiment connects local families with student "conversationalists" in dining halls to try to improve student retention and build ties to community.

Enduring Irene

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Campuses assess the damage, clear debris and reschedule events.

The Gold Standard of Green Standards

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As environmental push grows, more colleges are adopting specific, ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Signing (or Not) a Green Pledge

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As more college presidents sign an environmental pact, one institution says it doesn't know if pledge is realistic.

'Climate Change and the University'

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Hardly a week goes by without a college announcing a plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions or build classrooms that are environmentally friendly. In Degrees That Matter: Climate Change and the University ,” (MIT Press) Ann Rappaport and Sarah Hammond Creighton, both leaders of Tufts University’s Climate Initiative, explain how colleges can be at the forefront of the green movement.

Off the Quad

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Seeking more room for research and teaching, universities move some non-academic staff away from campus.

When Big Bucks Come for Sports

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Use of major athletics donation to U. of Oregon from the co-founder of Nike has some questioning the university's priorities.

Four Campuses, Much Green Talk

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A sampling of global warming "teach-in" day events features faculty panels, classroom discussions and environmental demonstrations.


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