Speak Out Against Reopening

August 10, 2020

I read the blog post, "Keep Campuses Closed, What Higher Ed is Too Afraid to Say." I agree that opening schools is a recipe for disaster. 

My younger sister just got dropped off at a University in the south where numbers are soaring and masks are rare. And my parents are 76 with multiple health issues. I'm more than worried about how this will go for them. 

As much as I sympathize with the people who are quoted in this post, I wish they would see another option besides doing nothing and feeling helpless. It is scary when you feel like you have to choose between your job and what you believe in. Maybe they don't have to choose, although it probably feels like they do.

What if everyone who felt this way did what the tenured professors in NC did and band together and go public with their thoughts? (I understand the protection of tenure.) There is more power in numbers, and it is a more effective way to push back against a system that is making choices that prioritize profits over students' and teachers' health. 

I don't mean to judge these folks who are going along with things just to keep their jobs. I do want to tell them that there is another choice and that they are not helpless. They are all talented individuals with power and persuasion. 

Please, use it! Get your thoughts and feelings heard in a constructive way that doesn't leave you jobless.  

--Amanda Straka

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