The New Registration Process at Inside Higher Ed

Our website’s free and expanded registration program is now live. Here’s why we’re making the change.

July 6, 2021

Over the past few decades, newsrooms like ours have found that one of the best ways to serve their readers is to understand who they are and, by extension, what most interests them. Just about every news website you visit probably requires regular readers to create an account to continue to have access to their content.

We’re adopting this industry best practice by expanding our registration program to include our news articles, opinion pieces and blog posts. We are now asking visitors to our website to register for a free account. This free registration program ensures that our readers will have continued access to our news and resources while we get to know more about their preferences and interests.

Collecting this information will allow us to better know and serve our readers in the coming months and years. That has important value for Inside Higher Ed and for our audience alike.

For Inside Higher Ed, this strategy will help us better cover higher education because we'll know more about our readers' collective interests and behaviors. It will also allow us to increasingly tailor our content to the interests of individual readers, to make our site more useful to them.

Having more information about our readers’ needs and behavior will also improve the relevance and, as a result, the performance of the advertising on and beyond our website. Advertising revenue contributes to our ability to hire reporters and publish the content and resources that best serve our readers. We hope to build on the momentum of the last 18 months, which have represented Inside Higher Ed's most successful period ever.

For you, our readers, we anticipate being able to build a better Inside Higher Ed reading experience that gives you the content that most interests you and guides you to more information that helps you do your jobs and your institutions fulfill their missions.

Here’s how the process will work.

Insider Members

If you are an Insider, you need not register. Please log in to your Insider dashboard to continue accessing our news and analysis without interruption.

Readers Who Are Not Insider Members

If you are not already a member of our Insider program, please take a moment and register with Inside Higher Ed today. Again, this account is free. The time required to complete the registration process is less than a minute. Once you register, please log in each time you visit our news site so that you have broad access to our news and analysis.

The data collected will be managed per our privacy policy and terms of use. We have also created an FAQ to answer a range of questions you may have.

If you prefer not to register with Inside Higher Ed, you can access five of our articles per 30-day period. We recognize that this represents a change for those who’ve grown accustomed to completely unfettered access to Inside Higher Ed’s content. We are confident, though, that by having a high article threshold (more than five articles in 30 days) and offering registration at no cost, we are staying true to our founding commitment of publishing news and analysis that is accessible for anyone to read and utilize.

Feel free to send us your questions, thoughts and comments to [email protected].

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And thank you in advance for your support. We are excited to continue our run as the most-read American publication dedicated to higher education news, views and careers.

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